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Jordan Rome - Web Developer
Jordan Rome

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Greetings! Here's a lil' something about me: I've been developing software for quite some time (over 20 years?!). My goal is to create reliable, reusable, and readable software. I love learning new technologies, languages, and just more about how computers work at every level.

I hold a bachelor's degree in Literature from the University of California at Santa Barbara and a master's degree in Poetry from Sarah Lawrence College.

Despite this writerly background, I am well-versed in C++, Javascript, HTML, CSS, NodeJS, eBPF, mySQL, and PHP/Hack.

Currently, I am a Software Engineer at Facebook. I have worked as a developer at UCLA, Sarah Lawrence College, The City University of New York, Zeebox, and Spotify.

I also enjoy cooking, playing the guitar, horology, taking long walks in Peekskill with my wife and dog.

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My Work

Vault Nano Site Snapshot

Vault Nano Inc., located in Los Angeles, California, is the leading biotechnology company in developing and commercializing Vault Medicines. VNI’s mission is to develop safe and effective immunotherapeutics with the goal of changing the existing treatment paradigm of life-threatening and debilitating diseases.

Site Details:Designed and coded by me. This site is built on wordpress and is completely responsive. The client was looking for a clean and bright design that also looks great on mobile.

Academy of Creative Education

Academy of Creative Education is a summer arts program that will challenge your child in an environment that encourages exploration while providing a solid structure.

Site Details: The new ACE website is built using Wordpress, incorporating all types of multi-media and social media integration. Fully responsive and inuitive, parents and students alike will navigate with ease and get the latest updates from this groundbreaking arts academy.

Designed by Laura Oakley

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*I promise no spam will come to you (I doubt you'll get such an offer from the eels)

Drop me a line for almost any reason: got a website that needs repair, want to offer me a job working for your awesome company that has a pool table (thank you Facebook), sick of your current designer, have no clue how to install Drupal or Wordpress on your webspace, liked my site and just wanted to say hi, whatever. Looking forward to hearing from you!

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